A NORMAL  day=Anyday
2nd phase but it could even be the quarantine

The morning starts well if we can have a few minutes together. We don’t talk a lot. We take a coffee: I take it with milk, he usually without.
- The moka (coffee machine) is prepared, MokaReady!
The difference between day and weekend: he goes to the office and starts to work.

- I have received only 8 homeworks: 5 in email, 3 on Bsmart. Then Sofia asks me if the assignments are ok. Yes, of course… but who is Sofia? Maybe a mum?

I hear him talking, shouting, fixing the microphone, waiting students, giving indications to the parents, changing platform, and finally explaining the subject.
In the meantime I put things in order and reply to:
Email, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, calls, Skype, SMS, Telegram, Instagram…

Sometimes I have a break when I bring water to the plants:
- Are you happy to see me? Beauties! Dears! They never respond to me.

Not having a computer in this moment, I work with a Kindle and a mobile.
Brainstorming, planning, writing: these are the THINGS that I do and that all enter in the category of CREATING.

After lunch we change stations; I occupy the office. I make an Instagram story… I promote the column… I do a webinar… and I get anxious.
- The webinar has been a catastrophe. They could see only my eyes! And did they hear me? AARGH! I hate digital life!
- Don’t tell me… after 2 months of distance teaching…. But you were great! Hey! Cheer up!

At this point I would like to go out to the fresh air. It is possible to do a short walk in the forest/do the shopping/go to see relatives.
But there is so much preparation and insecurity that many times I decide to stay at home. The furthest I go is the balcony.
- I know, ok? Sport woruld surely help.

It depends also on the Moon and on the news about the infected,that by the evening I become GRUMPY.
My mind is tired but my body is not. I don’t feel like neither reading nor seeing friends still on the screen.
What remains: the dinner, a glass of wine and the hug which is not forbidden at home.